Smart identification of missing bicycles with CycloSafe and Confidex Silverline Slimâ„¢

TAMPERE (Finland) – New Confidex Silverline Slim™ UHF RFID tags enable easy and remote identification of stolen bicycles.

Zetes, the European expert in supply chain, identification and mobility solutions, has been appointed supplier by Speos NV, a daughter company of bpost (the Belgian postal and courier services provider) for an innovative traceability solution based on Confidex Silverline Slim™ product. The solution, named CycloSafe, was developed around a clever idea to equip mailmen of bpost with mobile reader devices to track and locate lost bicycles. The solution uses passive UHF RFID technology: two Confidex Silverline Slim™ RFID tags are installed on the frame of the bike to enable easy and remote identification of the stolen or misplaced bike.

Stolen bicycles are a large problem in many European cities where people are increasingly using their bikes to commute to work and elsewhere. A growing number of people use bicycles not only to stay fit but also to avoid traffic jams and to minimize traveling costs. For many, the bicycle may also be a significant investment.

What had been missing until bpost introduced their solution, was a workforce that could cover large areas in cities to identify the possibly stolen bicycles. The co-operation between bpost and Zetes is a remarkable example of how new technologies can bring added value for traditional postal services and to communities around us.

The RFID system for this traceability solution required a special UHF RFID tag. Confidex, the world’s leading supplier of industrial RFID tags and special labels, designed and produced a fit–for-purpose on-metal tag using the latest UHF technology. "It was a privilege for us to be invited for this project by our partner, Zetes. As a high-end specialty supplier of RFID tags and labels, this project was in our sweet spot: we successfully developed the UHF RFID tag against very demanding requirements. Taking the tag into use is made easy and it has proven itself to provide constant, reliable readings when attached to a metal bike frame. We were happy to see that the system works according to the plan”, says Jarkko Miettinen, Vice President of Sales at Confidex.

Geert Peeters, Project Manager for the CycloSafe at Zetes, noted,"Confidex’s UHF RFID tag, Silverline Slim, was specifically chosen for this project due to its performance and the fact that it meets all the key project criteria. In addition to its superior reading distance when in actual use, the Silverline Slim was cost efficient and is easily embedded in the special plastic housing used on bicycles. Every stolen bicycle found with the CycloSafe solution will not only save someone's day but will also increase the awareness of the benefits of RFID".

Confidex has developed a range of high-performance UHF RFID on-metal labels and tags which can be used on various surfaces. The product developed during the project with Zetes is now launched world-wide as the newest member of Confidex Silverline product family. Silverline Slim is ideal for applications on which the suitable tag width is particularly limited. Applications involving different kinds of pipes, tubes and cables as well as various electrical devices or tools are good examples of objects to be tagged with the new Silverline Slim.

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