New Confidex Survivor™ UHF RFID tags deliver extreme performance in a compact size

Tampere, Finland - Confidex launches today the all new Confidex Survivor™ and Survivor B™, two new UHF RFID hard tags that optimize and redefine the traditional size-performance trade-off of passive UHF tags.

Confidex Survivor™ is an all-surface-tag for applications where maximal read range and durability in extreme environments are the key requirements. Since its launch in 2006, Survivor has been the premier reference tag in the domain of high performance and heavy-duty C1G2 hard tags. It has been trusted by customers in the most demanding industrial and logistics applications, for example to manage or track roll cages, containers, and field equipment in harsh, open environments.

In response to ever more demanding customer needs, the new Confidex Survivor™ is about half the size and boasts almost double the performance of its predecessor, with the read range extended to about 20 meters. The Battery Assisted version, the Survivor B™, can boost the read range further to up to 60 meters. Thanks to the more compact size, the new Survivor tags are now ideally suited for a wider variety of applications — such as yard management, pipe logistics, container and cargo tracking, military applications, and managing construction or rail assets.

“If you are looking for extreme performance, check out the new Confidex Survivor™ and Survivor B™ tags. Confidex keeps on pushing the size to performance ratio of passive tags, and even starts to be on active RFID levels with the Survivor B, Confidex's new BAP product. With the new Survivor tags "not possible" starts to be so last season”, stated Antti Virkkunen, Co-founder and Country Manager, Vilant Systems.

Confidex Survivor B™ is powered by Confidex BOOST™, Confidex’s innovative battery assisted passive technology and is fully compatible with existing Gen2 RFID architectures. Thus it is easily integrated with existing systems and can be read with standard UHF RFID readers. In addition to the long read range, the Survivor B™ tag has an improved read accuracy and reliability in difficult environments. The Survivor B™ tag provides many of the same advantages of active tags but at significantly lower cost.

“The Confidex Survivor™ is a very impressive RFID transponder. Its performance is outstanding - especially when using a handheld RFID reader. In our tests we achieved results I have not seen before. Confidex managed to achieve all this in a shorter but rugged housing. I am looking forward using the Survivor tags in our projects”, added Michael Mally, CEO of RFIDInnovations GmbH.

“With the all new Confidex Survivor™ we wanted to introduce a new level of performance to the market. With improved mechanics, read range and attachment options, the new Survivor enables totally new uses of passive RFID tags. We are also excited to step into the BAP tag market with a top notch product that really competes with, and provides an alternative for, active tags. The Confidex Survivor B™ is our first tag to implement Confidex BOOST™ battery assisted passive technology”, explained Miika Pylvänäinen, Product Manager at Confidex Ltd.

Press contact:
Sini Tiainen
Marketing Communications Manager
Confidex Ltd