Confidex showcases tag innovations for Cold Chain Management and new ways to manage assets with NFC Phones

Orlando, USA - Confidex, the leading supplier of specialty RFID Tags, presents its upcoming Temperature Sensor Label and NFC tag suite at the annual RFID Journal Live exhibition. – The Battery Assisted Passive UHF Temperature sensor label enables a cost efficient monitoring of goods in the Cold Chain using industry-standard UHF readers. - The Company’s Dual Frequency UHF/NFC and pure NFC tags enable novel and easy-to-use services for Industrial Asset and Returnable Transit Item management with NFC phones.

The Confidex Temperature Sensor Label is designed for Cold Chain Management applications, such as monitoring of goods in the pharmaceutical or food supply chains. It combines tracking and temperature measurement functionalities. The temperature can be read live and supervised by alarm-based logging. The BAP Passive UHF label has an adjustable read range and can also operate as a regular fully passive UHF Gen2/6C tag. Thanks to its compliance with ISO18000-6/ISO24753 standards and its affordability, the label can be used with standard reader equipment to realize cost efficient, future proof solutions. – The labels will go into serial production later this year.

Confidex is also showcasing its new Near Field Communications (NFC) enabled tag suite for industrial use and brand/asset authentication. As a hybrid solution, the Dual Frequency UHF/NFC tag enhances the benefits of a rugged UHF tag with NFC connectivity. The shock resistant tag has an additional NFC compliant chip to connect to NFC phones or other devices of the growing NFC ecosystem. Confidex’s NFC tag suite also comprises purely HF based special tags for on-metal and general-purpose use.

“With increasing availability of the NFC interface in smart phones, the NFC-based tags and labels will enable Returnable Transit Item (RTI) operators and Asset Managers to introduce novel, ubiquitous, easy-to-use and cost efficient services“, says Urs Andrin Lampe, Chief Commercial Officer. “Consumers, employees or customers will just have to tap their phone to get information or inspect an asset or RTI, wherever they are.” – To visualize such solutions at RFID Journal Live, Confidex demonstrates examples for workflows to support the use of roll cages, gas cylinders or refrigerators together with its partner Atmio, a Santa Cara, CA, based provider of solutions for mobile phone based customer interactions.


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